Date: July 1st, 2011

Masergy’s next moves

Masergy is looking for acquisitions to beef up its bottom line following the new injection of capital it will receive from being acquired by private equity firm ABRY Partners. As it’s shopping, the provider of global VPNs and MPLS services would do well to add hosted VoIP and other cloud services to its in-house capabilities, emulating the strategy of several others including Cbeyond (CBEY), which last year acquired both a cloud computing firm and a hosted VoIP provider.

Masergy made the case fairly well for combining its own services with hosted VoIP in the press release announcing its partnership with hosted VoIP provider Thinking Phone Networks: When you blend the benefits of a cloud-based application with the performance quality and QoS controls of a secure, intelligent MPLS connection, you have a powerful package. (Throw in SIP trunking, and customers have a way to get the most of their existing premise-based PBXs.)

But wait, you say: Doesn’t Masergy mainly serve large businesses? What do large businesses want with hosted VoIP? Isn’t that just for small businesses that don’t have their own dedicated IT staff?

On the contrary. Hosted VoIP is not just for small businesses anymore. As I detail in a new report just recently made available (“Hosted Business VoIP: UpMarket Opportunities”), demand for hosted VoIP services is quickly catching fire among businesses with hundreds or thousands of employees.

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